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1 character, simple/no background: $10
 - each additional person: $7
Madoka Black and White by GlowingMember Scarlet Black and White by GlowingMember

1 character, simple/no background: $20
 - each additional person: $10
Battle Lover Scarlet by GlowingMember Madoka Colour by GlowingMember Cutie Honey: The Geraldine Version by GlowingMember Magical Girl Hollow Ichigo by GlowingMember

1 character, simple/no background: $25
 - each additional person: $10
Magical Girl Tomoe Mami by GlowingMember Magical Girl Courtney/Kyoko (finished) by GlowingMember Magical Girl  Cure Marine by GlowingMember Magical Girl Groundskeeper Willie by GlowingMember One Punch Wonder by GlowingMember Spacegirl from April 28 by GlowingMember

Most samples taken from my most popular request:

Send me a photo of yourself, and any request for who you may want to look like (if you have a preference, otherwise I will just make something up), and I will transform you into something magical!

Alternatively, I do draw other requests. You do not need to be a magical girl.
Magical girls are just awesome and I love drawing them.

Send me a Note here on deviantart, or email your requests to laurel [DOT] ek [AT] gmail [DOT] com
In my reply I will include a price quote and information about payment.


Redraw: Tia
Ballpoint pen scribble, coloured with some basic fine-tip markers.

Old images are from roughly ten years ago. I've swapped hard drives so many times that I can't rely on file dates anymore so I'm not sure when I drew them. Still haven't improved as much as I'd like, but getting better all the time!

I may do a bunch more redraws for the next little while.. mostly just because it's an easy source for when you feel "i need to draw something... BUT WHAT"
Ten Year Comparison: Phil
I maybe haven't come as far as I could have in a decade, but I feel pretty good about this progression anyway.

Around the time I drew the first one, I sort of spent a handful of years thinking I was hot shit and didn't bother trying to improve very much.
It's true - the more you improve, the more you want to improve! I still have a ways to go... but at least I'm trying! :)

Full-size recent Phil [here]

::EDIT:: Dumb me. This was actually probably 2003/4, which was about when I started posting P&A comics to begin with.
So.. a bit longer than I originally thought. Dang.
Redraw: Phil in Fancy Dress, colour
Was digging through old folders and came across an old drawing from tenthirteen years ago.. decided to redraw it. 

I'm still not super pleased with Phil's thumb (was tempted to trace from the reference pic because it looked close to this) but after several redraws of his hand this was the best result so.. I'm sticking with it.

Here's a side-by-side of this drawing with the original one from 2003/4
Redraw: Phil in Fancy Dress
Decided to redraw an old image. 
Currently colouring - will post comparison when it's done. 
Digging through old art folders - trying to downsize everything as I am desperately trying not to be a total hoarder.
I think I made this in grade eight (1998) for an art project. It's maybe 30cm in diameter - the teacher handed out these big circles, we folded them into wedges and then made a pattern and copied it into each wedge. This one was done entirely in pencilcrayon, and then at some point a few years later I went over bits of it with a black marker, trying to improve it.

I've been throwing out a lot of old (terrible) originals but I think I'll keep this one.


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Laurel K
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a waffler - I can't choose favourites... I'm so greedy I WANT EVERYTHING.

My other other hobby is making hard candy.


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